Przejdź do treści

The opening of the “Feast of Imagination” is behind us! But the exhibition continues!

It was a great pleasure for me to participate in the event. I was surprised by the number of people present and the fact that my modest work arouses curiosity. T

ogether with MDK Opoczno, or more specifically the local art specialists, we have prepared this exhibition of paintings. We did it for interesting, looking recipients of visual forms. You did not find any texts, signatures or dazzling the artist’s profile there. You did not find anything there that could somehow distract your attention. Our honorable guests only experienced the experience of the visual form, a full, unlimited painting showing the interior of the artist’s psyche, to which the title tag was not attached (with few exceptions), no interpretation was imposed. The recipient’s own, internal interpretation of my works is an added value for me and I value it very much. There were cakes waiting on the table, a substitute for a physical feast. In the wooden, hand-painted frames standing around, a full, filling feast in the mental and aesthetic dimension was prepared. According to me, each recipient looking at the picture as if in a mirror, can see the reflection of his consciousness. I invited the honorable members to this feast and I hope you fed your imaginations. I sincerely thank the organizers. In particular, to Director Zdzisław Miękus, Mrs. Elżbieta Róg, Mr. Piotr Kłodawski and other employees of MDK. Thank you Sz. P. Krzysztof Nawrocki for recognition on behalf of my beloved Żarnów Commune and a representative of the Poviat Starosty in Opoczno Poviat Opoczyński Sz. Secretary Grażyna Wielgus for presence on behalf of the Opoczno Staroste. Thank you Marcin Wróbel for the concert. Thank you to all guests for coming. Thank you for your help in disseminating information about the exhibition: Cafe Na Warszawska MK Studio foto-video Piecownia FULAR Pastel Art shop Pharmacy U. Roszkowska-Piekielnik. More details soon. Welcome!

Fot: B. Kalinowska