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Night “Feast of the Imagination” at the Night of Museums in Maleniec

On May 14-15, 2022, a unique, unusual exhibition of paintings by Łukasz Milak – Kalinowski will take place.

On May 14, 2022 (Saturday, 7.00 pm) we invite you to the Iron Factory in Maleniec for the NIGHT OF MUSEUMS, which will be inaugurated by the author’s exhibition of paintings by Łukasz Milak-Kalinowski (born 1984), known as the “painter of surrealism”. His works are often compared to the works of Zdzisław Beksiński. In addition to the excellent painting technique, his work is characterized by complete freedom of artistic exploration, without limiting himself to the norms of aesthetics, reason and logic.
For the sake of the sumptuous interior of the former iron factory in Maleniec, it will be saturated with smoke and romantic music. Individual sightseeing with lanterns and kerosene lamps. We cordially invite you. The beginning of the event at 19.00

Please state! Saturday evening was dictated by art and mood. The FEAST OF THE IMAGINATION: NIGHT OF MUSEUMS was attended by more visitors than I had expected. As it turns out, a monumental place for me – the Maleniec Museum – attracts fans of aesthetic impressions like a magnet. Many nice and respectful words were spoken. The director of the Museum, dr Maciej Chłopek, emphasized the sentimentalism of this place in relation to the history of my family. Thanks to the speech of the Head of the Żarnów Commune, dr Krzysztof Nawrocki, the guests supplemented their knowledge about the history of people and the region. The announcement of the event appeared in the local media and Radio Kielce.

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