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I am from Here – exhibition of żarnów paintings

The vernissage of the exhibition of my paintings related to Żarnów and the Żarnów land is behind us. By September 23, 5 paintings of my brush will be presented.

During the event, the latest painting depicting the monumental building of the Church of St. Nicholas in Żarnów was solemnly unveiled.


I present to you the latest oil painting, which presents my, another interpretation of the monumental temple, ie the Parish of St. Nicholas in Żarnów. I presented a historical event in a loose artistic approach. Why loose in the historical context? The trained eye of many a sympathizer of Żarnów’s history and not only will probably notice a certain factual dissonance, from which I would like to explain myself at the outset. I have pictured here the great fire that took place in the village in 1893. Most of the construction infrastructure suffered then, including the Church of St. Nicholas. 10 years later, in 1903, its reconstruction and expansion began, which made it a unique building combining Romanesque-Gothic values. Over the years, it has acquired an appearance almost as we know it today. My attention has always been drawn to two architectural elements that enriched the building after its expansion. Round stained glass window and the tallest tower. These elements did not exist yet during the fire, hence a certain inaccuracy, which I committed on purpose. I just can’t imagine our temple without these parts and especially the stained glass window which is wonderful for me is the fulfillment of my aesthetic dream. This huge circle has been engraved on my psyche and imagination for decades and has built up some of my preferences in the field of architecture. Taking the above into account, I could not help but paint such a characteristic fragment, the landmark of the building. So we got a scene full of drama, highlighted by a decaying stained glass window, where the tallest tower remains like the last bastion in a battle with the red hen.

Together with Dr. Krzysztof Nawrocki, we told about the life, emotions and history of individual people whose lives have made up the great story of this place for centuries. The vernissage was preceded by the unveiling of the monument to the eagle and a historical debate on the history of Żarnów. Photographs and an account of the search for artifacts by the team of “It was, did not pass” of the Polish Television were presented.

Photos from exhibition

Exposition Catalogue

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