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Group exposition – Melancholy-Mystery-Loneliness-Silence

I am proud to announce that 2 of my paintings are presented at this wonderful exposition. It is the first exposition of the fourth series of expositions, for the first time in Oleśnica at the Church of St. George. The leitmotif is the number 4.

From organizer:

A number considered as a symbol of the earthly world, as the number of a man made from the dust of the earth; four historical periods, four winds, four seasons, four sides of the world, four ultimate things of dogmatic theology; the four evangelical apostles and the corresponding four animals in the book of Revelation, its four Horsemen and the four plagues, etc. But above all, we will focus on the mood and atmosphere that the four words of the exhibition show.

I am pleased to present the following 2 paintings at the exposition. The exposition will last until July 20, 2022.

Report from the opening

The organizers of the exhibition: the Municipal Center of Culture and Art in Oleśnica and Tomasz Bartosik (Dark Side of Art) welcomed guests and artists. They talked about the preparations and organization, they also familiarized everyone with the mental subsoil about the title of the exhibition, the reasons behind the choice of place and form of presentation.

The ceremony opening by organizers

At the exhibition, which will last until July 10 this year. many great works by amazing artists are presented. Thematic trends oscillate around popular in Poland: surrealism, abstraction, and magic realism. The place itself is an extraordinary interior filled with the atmosphere of medieval monasteries, where time has stopped centuries ago. The accent in the form of “dark art” emphasized the atmosphere and heightened the amazing atmosphere and importance of the event. It was also an amazing opportunity to meet and talk about painting. Works by five poets completed the whole project and sharpened its message.

photos: Anna Natalia Gawrysiak, Agnieszka Kalinowska, Łukasz Milak-Kalinowski

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Oleśnica is one of the oldest and most interesting medium-sized towns. Its unique character is defined by architectural monuments, historical – fascinating – achievements of former inhabitants, Silesian cultural heritage, location and panorama accentuated by tall towers. The oldest settlement in the early history was located along the amber route, already known in antiquity. It is situated 30 km north-east of Wrocław, at the intersection of the main communication routes of national and international importance.